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ecause your organization is unique and original, so are our marketing plans and campaigns. Every client’s needs are customized to meet their personal objectives. In order to serve you most effectively, our team works through a number of important steps to create a marketing and/or media plan tailored to suit you. Successful results are achieved when a strategic plan of action is based on shared and clearly understood goals. Whatever you need; whether you want to distribute programs, create a marketing strategy, or engage in a short or long media campaign, our team works through the following steps to assist you in achieving results.

Step 1: Facts and Goals

Listening to you. Your team works with ours to clearly determine and define your overall objectives for success. In order for us to come alongside you to assure that your goals are understood, we work through the following objectives:

  • WHO you are trying to reach with your message (define the target audience)
  • WHAT you are trying to say to your desired audience (define the message)
  • WHERE does your desired audience live (define the geographic parameters)
  • WHEN do we need to reach the audience (define the habits of the audience)
  • WHY do you want to convey your message (define what you want people to do)

Only after discussing your unique objectives can Eaglecom present how you should proceed. We identify this as the most critical step.

Step 2: Strategic Plan

Creating a solution. This is the stage that gets us excited! Once your needs and objectives are determined and which mediums are deemed most appropriate we combine this information with our extensive knowledge and expertise of media in Canada, to design a customized proposal, created specifically to achieve YOUR goals. As a team, we consider the following factors before creating our recommended plan, including: RESEARCH regarding the media habits of your target audience (identify consumer trends) ANALYSIS of how each medium has historically performed (identify each medium’s effectiveness) NEGOTIATION with each media partner (identify the most cost-effective packages) EXPERIENCE with past campaigns and known results (identify the pros and cons of each strategy) In addition to creating a media plan, Eaglecom identifies the role that a “Public Relations” campaign could play in the overall strategy, if this is deemed necessary for success.

Step 3: Implementing the Plan

Media negotiation. As a full service agency, we take care of all the details related to your project, so you can relax without concern. From initial media contact and ongoing coordination, to creative distribution and paying bills, you’re fully covered. ALL facets of your media plan are coordinated for you. And, based on our unique relationships with media partners, you can be sure that your campaign dollars are administered wisely. Every possible campaign extension is thought of, and no-cost “extras” are sought out to be included in the buy. Plans may include one or more media vehicles, including: TELEVISION stations that carry long or short-form programming and/or commercial spots RADIO stations that carry long and short-form programming and/or commercial spots PRINT publications that serve the Christian and/or non-Christian communities OUT-OF-HOME vehicles that provide advertising opportunities ONLINE sites and portals that reach Christians and non-Christian communities SOCIAL MEDIA vehicles that can be customized to reach specified target audiences in specified areas

Step 4: Campaign Review

Analyzing results. Eaglecom reviews and analyzes the results of your media campaign, and then work with you to determine appropriate action. Were your objectives met and targets achieved? Together we analyze consumer response. Communicating to the public is a continual and fluid process, so your message will require fine tuning on a regular basis to respond to the changing needs of your target audience. If you are a ministry programmer, we analyze the impact of the programs on a monthly basis and provide a detailed analysis of costs in relation to donations received and the contacts made to your ministry. We review this analysis with you on a regular basis, which guides in decision making. Our analysis is a key element in our process, and provides you with: RETURN ON INVESTMENT information that clearly highlights how cost efficient the media buy is for you DIRECTION on how to proceed in the future COMPARISON data is provided to give you an indication of how well your campaign performed compared to other similar ogranizations STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS are made at this point about how to proceed with the media buy and communications plan

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